Encouraging sustainable transport

Encouraging sustainable transport

Not only do we want to set a good example ourselves by opting for a hybrid car as a company car.  Through Happy Trip we also want to make it easy for our guests to choose public transport for their trip to Ostend.  For more information and reservations click here.

3 reasons for a Happy Trip

1. Sustainable on holiday

Today's tourists are more aware of their ecological footprint. Happy Trip offers the perfect solution: the sea where you can spend a wonderful holiday even without a car. Holidaymakers by train will result in less traffic jams, less parking problems and a more beautiful public domain. Nearby holidays are a good idea for those who are concerned about the environment and the train is the best way to get there: the CO2 impact of an airplane trip to Barcelona is 80 times greater than a weekend trip to the sea by train.

2. Sustainable, but not expensive at all

Travelling with Happy Trip is also very advantageous. You only pay 9,80 € per person for the train back and forth from any Belgian station. Children under the age of 12 travel for free. For a family with 3 children you pay less than 1 day of parking! A ticket for a bus or tram only costs 1,60 € (standard rate 3 €) per ride. Tickets from De Lijn are available at the reception.

3. It's great to relax

Read a book, watch a movie, listen to a podcast or just stare through the windows while waiting for Flanders to glide by. Or maybe play a board game with the (grand)children? For them, the train journey is a party anyway.

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