Low energy building with energy-efficient applications

Low energy building with energy-efficient applications

Hotel Bero is the most eco-friendly hotel in Ostend, and we are proud to be. This suits smoothly with the ecological CSR-principles of other companies and organisations, that also carry great  importance to those values.

Basically, the eldest wing of the hotel has been torn down completely, and rebuilt as a low energy building with Ecology rooms. Insulating bricks were the basis, followed by PIR-isolation and windows with super isolating sun-reflective triple glass (U-value 0.6 instead of 1,1 W/m²). Extra heating and cooling happens by using three pipes heating pumps, and the ventilation recovers 91% of the heat by using a cross-flow heat exchanger.   In combination with 4 new weather and burden dependant gas condensing boilers, we reached an energy saving of 50%.

Furthermore, all lightning was replaced by LED light and energy-saving bulbs, as well as energy-saving shower heads and water saving taps. We even installed a new elevator with a dynamo system which generates energy whilst going down. By choosing for a hybrid vehicle as new company car, we also tribute to a healthier environment. 

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