Healthy indoor climate

Healthy indoor climate

As you already know, hotel Bero is the most eco-friendly hotel in Ostend, as we already invested a lot to mitigate our ecological footprint as much as possible. Today, we even want to go a step further, and tackle our ‘indoor climate’ so our guests can enjoy a healthy air quality during their stay.

In a closed environment, such as hotels and offices, allergies, harmful bacteria’s and funguses are being brought in and produced. You can find these of countless surfaces such as door knobs, beds, carpet, … and also in the air we breathe. The circulating effect of the air ducts is the favourite transport for this ‘invisible dirt’. However, there are micro-organisms (probiotics) that purify invisible dirt and toxic substances. They permanently cleanse all surfaces and objects in a building, as well as the ventilation channels that are difficult to access.

By using the automatically modular system of Takeair, the positive micro-organisms are spread repeatedly in the indoor climate. After a period of time, our probiotic friends get the position of the majority and the hostile organisms are being displaced. This way we create a healthy and hygienic indoor climate, that will benefit our employees and guests. Especially for people with an allergy or respiratory disorder it is a world of difference.

In the United States and the United Kingdom, the use of probiotics for better indoor climate is already more assimilated, but on the European mainland, Hotel Bero is the first hotel that offers their guests the extra comfort of Takeair. Concerning the health of our guests, we play a crucial pioneering role in our sector. 

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